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Lowest Lake Mary Mortgage Refinance and Purchase Rates in over 2 years!? If you move quick…

December 16, 2008


Well Good News for Lake Mary mortgage rates! The Federal Open Market Committee [maybe we will just call them the FED] voted to cut the Fed Funds Rate by at least three-quarters percent Tuesday. The benchmark rate now rests in a range of 0.000-0.250%… and no, that doesn’t mean your mortgage will be at 0%. [...]

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Does less jobs mean Cheap Lake Mary Real Estate Deals?

November 18, 2008


How come everything in Orlando gets cheaper when everyone is worried about their job and don’t want to spend any money!! Okay, so it is a rhetorical question and the answer is somewhat obvious, but how cool would that be if, everything got cheaper and you just got a raise!? I feel your pain. Well, [...]

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FED Cut and Lower Orlando Interest Rates

October 31, 2008


Do they go to a special school to ‘speak FED’??? Good Lord, fellas… we gotta be able to understand this stuff to be able to respond appropriately… or is that not what you want? LMAO Well, the Federal Open Market Committee voted to cut the Fed Funds Rate by .5% today. The benchmark rate now [...]

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