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Home Purchase in Golf Community

January 27, 2013

Personal Finance

It is already January but sales of homes in golf communities are still as strong as home sales in St Pete, Florida and other parts of the country.

If you are planning to purchase a house in a golf course community for your vacation home or even for your primary home, there are many home traits that make a golf course home sale different from buying a typical residence.

Here is an overview of home traits to think about when getting a house in a golf community:

Land location

When trying to get a home in a golf community, take note of the home’s location. Houses near the entrance will most probably get more traffic and noise compared to those farther from the entrance. However, houses near the entrance are easier locate especially for visitors.


Determine how secured the community is in terms of what security system they are using. Golf course communities are usually gated but each community also use different security systems. Some assign gate-people to monitor the overall traffic and security of the community while some utilize pass-keys. You have to weigh what you deem most important as far as security is concerned.

Distance from the golf course

Consider how far the home is to the golf course. This will make you realize how big the chances are that errant golf shots and noisy people are going to distract you. Homes near tee boxes have less chance of being hit by golf shots but these homes may get distracted by the noise of players. You just have to choose which location will suit you best. houses that are beyond the golf course are the ones that are usually clear of all the above mentioned distractions.

Neighbourhood amenities and facilities

Golf course communities usually have clubhouses with pools, gym amenities, sports courts, etc. determine if these facilities are free for residences or you would have to pay a specific amount of money for a particular time span of usage.

Association fees and policies

Just as how the usual home communities go, golf course communities may also require membership fees and a set of policies that homeowners must follow. Review all the necessary fees and restrictions before purchasing a home.


Golf course communities are a great home location especially for golf enthusiasts. If you are planning to buy a home in golf communities, the tips above will truly help. When you are ready, consult an expert in real estate in St Pete, Florida or wherever you are located to proceed to your home buying.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown is the premier expert on HARP loans and Government FHA and VA loans. Please visit The Mortgage Chili Blog
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Chris Brown
Chris Brown is the premier expert on HARP loans and Government FHA and VA loans. Please visit The Mortgage Chili Blog