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As Seen on FOX 35 NEWS and heard on 810AM Radio: 2011 HARP “no-loan-to-value-limit” Refinance

October 26, 2011


33 Most FAQ regarding the TRUTH about HARP – sent with form submission.

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Is a Harp 2 refinance mortgage program shaping up to be great news for Orlando, Florida home owners?  Yes.  Unlike many of the government mortgage programs, none of them have had the practical effectiveness that HARP 2 is looking to have.  Orlando real estate owners are lining up as evidenced by the number of pre-applications we are putting in place on a daily basis to take advantage of the HARP program.  Get your pre-application in.

Why the optimism?  Simply because the 2011 revisions bring very significant changes to HARP for Orlando real estate owners.  One of the most noteworthy changes is the fact that you can, “owe more on my Orlando home than it is worth” and not be excluded by an Orlando HARP Refinance Lender.


Is this for real??

Yes – you can owe multiple times – some owe two, three or even four times what their home is currently worth and that may not impact their ability to get a low HARP mortgage interest rate.  Every hour we are fielding questions like, “Do I qualify for a HARP refinance?” or, “Does my Orlando home qualify for HARP?”


Here is how you can know. Now.

Three tests to qualifying for a HARP refinance:


1. Is you mortgage is backed by Fannie or Freddie?  [If you don't know, we can help – simply visit the form on this page.


2. Was your Orlando mortgage backed by Fannie or Freddie by June 1, 2009. [This "backing" procedure could consume up to seventy-five days, so if you got your current mortgage before March 15, 2009 you should not have any issues; but is it was in between Mar. 15 and June 1, let’s investigate it deeper.]


3. You are current on your Orlando mortgage payments.  HARP 2.0 only allows for 1×30 late in the last 12-months andno latesin the last 6 months.


If you pass these three qualifiers, refinancing to a low HARP mortgage rate is a reality for you.  If not, do not pass go, get Orlando Short Sale advice now.


ACT - HARP 2.0 is already seeing a record number of people getting pre-applicationed in Florida. Families all over Orlando will be clamoring to get through the HARP 2.0 refinance process.  Waiting only guarantees you will have a tougher time navigating the underwriting process – act NOW if this might be for you.


Send us an email or call us at 407-900-REFI [7334] to ask about the next best steps to keep your current mortgage from costing you more than necessary.


Chris Brown, CMPS, NAIFA


National Recognized HARP Expert

Chris Brown
Chris Brown is the premier expert on HARP loans and Government FHA and VA loans. Please visit The Mortgage Chili Blog
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Chris Brown
Chris Brown is the premier expert on HARP loans and Government FHA and VA loans. Please visit The Mortgage Chili Blog